Grant to Fund Major Upgrade to Kenosha Joint Services’ Technology

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha Joint Services is set to receive state grants totaling over $550,000 aimed at significantly upgrading the 911 system.

The grants, awarded by the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs’ Office of Emergency Communications, include $450,000 for Joint Services and $106,000 for the Kenosha County Division of Land Information.

These funds will cover nearly three quarters of the $628,000 project to refresh the 911 system hardware and software serving the City of Kenosha and all of Kenosha County.

The upgrade will enable the adoption of Next Generation 911 services, improving the routing of 911 calls from cell phones, which is expected to positively impact response times and location data accuracy.

The grant to Kenosha County will further support updates to the geographic information system data integral to the 911 system’s call-routing functions.