KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—The Kenosha man who is accused of firing his gun during an alleged road rage incident this week appeared for a bond hearing Wednesday.

63 year old Michael Lorberter is alleged to have cut off a vehicle near Sheridan Road and 7th Avenue Monday before getting out of his vehicle and damaging the car he had just cut off because-as he later told investigators-the driver had been tailgating him.

Lorberter was then said to have randomly pointed a gun at another vehicle which tried to get away.

That’s when Lorberter rammed the second vehicle. He then got out of his vehicle and allegedly fired his gun at the second driver who continued to drive away before calling police.

The suspect was arrested at his home after a long negotiation process.

Lorberter was also charged in a July 8th incident in which he allegedly pointed a gun at a fellow bar patron. No injuries were reported in either case.

Lorberter received a 110-thousand dollar bond on both charges.