Illinois and Lake County See Covid Cases Increase, Deaths Decrease in April

Tim Vander Tuuk, WLIP News (5-3-21)

(Chicago, IL) For the second straight month, Coronavirus case numbers increased in Illinois, but for the second straight month, death numbers decreased. According to Illinois Department of Public Health stats, the state saw an average of 3,029 Covid-19 cases a day in April, up from 1,840 in March. As for fatalities, Illinois saw an average of 22.6 a day in April, down from 25.7 in March, and 45.6 in February. In Lake County, average cases increased to 123 a day, up from 87 the month before, and with 20 fatalities…the county averaged less than 1 per day in April, down from 31 deaths the month before.