Jeffery Elementary Custodians Hailed for Going “Beyond the Call of Duty”

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Two custodians for a Kenosha elementary school are being hailed for going beyond the call of duty for students.

Head custodian JT Mecozzi and second shift custodian Rachel Dickey personally secured the licensing and raised funds for a new school bus drop off landing at Jeffery Elementary on 87th Street.

The custodians saw potential for injury when students exited the school bus on grass that is often wet and slippery.

The pair took the lead after neither the school nor the district had the budget room to make such an addition.

The landings are on city property and so they worked on getting the proper permitting for the project.

KUSD Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Weiss said “This is an outstanding example of KUSD staff going above and beyond for the students we serve to ensure their learning environment is safe and welcoming.”