KENOSHA, WI (AP & WLIP)–The jury at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial was to return Friday for a fourth day of deliberations, after a quiet day behind closed doors that ended with one juror asking if she could take home the jury instructions.

As jurors deliberate, two mistrial requests from the defense are hanging over the case.

Last week the defense asked for a mistrial after saying the prosecutor asked improper questions.

A second mistrial motion was sparked by a jury request Wednesday to re-watch video in the case. The judge has not ruled on the requests.

Outside the courthouse one person was arrested Thursday for allegedly having a firearm in a prohibited area.

Protesters outside have averaged about 30-to-40 people with larger numbers of on-lookers and media swamping the area.

Behind the scenes, some Kenosha city officials are debating if-and when-the National Guard should be deployed.

Governor Tony Evers previously announced that five hundred National Guard troops would be on hand if needed following the verdict announcement.

However some have echoed requests to activate the guard sooner, something that local law enforcement has pushed hard against for fears that would accelerate troubles in the city, and ruin relations they have built with the community.