Jury Selection Opens Rittenhouse Trial Monday

KENOSHA, WI (AP; WLIP)–The Kyle Rittenhouse trial finally begins today with jury selection-more than 14 months after he is alleged to have shot three men during the Kenosha Riots in August 2020. Two died while a third was injured.

The trial is expected to receive a large amount of media coverage.

To that end 10th Avenue to the west of the Kenosha County Courthouse will be closed to traffic so that media vehicles can park there for the duration of the trial.

Additionally, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will have increased security around the courthouse during the proceedings.

In a statement the department said “These measures are meant to ensure the safety of the public that has legal business in and around the courthouse campus as well as Civic Center employees while maintaining the integrity of the trial.”

Judge Bruce Schroeder told attorneys he thinks picking the 20-member jury pool can be accomplished in a day. Judge Schroeder is known for his tough sentences.

The head prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, is considered a “skilled” lawyer and a “hard worker.”

Leading the defense is tough-talking attorney Mark Richards. The trial is expected to last two to three weeks.