Kenosha Alderman Speaks Out Following Shooting Death of Teen In His Neighborhood

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–Following a recent homicide in his district, Kenosha Alderman Anthony Kennedy expressed deep sorrow and concern for the community.

“The potential that life had is gone,” Kennedy lamented, emphasizing the tragedy of the loss.

The shooting happened on May 27th at a residence on the 4800 block of 36th Avenue, where a visiting teenage boy was found deceased.

Kennedy explained his efforts to keep the neighborhood informed and serve as a conduit for information, urging residents to share what they know anonymously if needed.

He highlighted the disturbing reality of armed violence and called for calm and rational responses to conflicts.

“I don’t know the circumstances that led to the 16-year-old’s death,” he said, acknowledging the family’s and community’s pain and their demand for answers.

Kennedy urged those inclined towards violence to reconsider their actions to prevent further tragedies.

A person of interest was arrested and charged in connection with the case.

The investigation into the shooting continues.