Kenosha Common Council Approves Casino Agreement on 11-6 Vote

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–

The Kenosha Common Council voted 11-6 to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement between the city and the Menominee Tribe for a casino development.

The vote came after nearly two hours of discussion and more than 20 members of the public.

The sentiment among the public speakers was evenly split with members of local labor unions hailing the jobs the development will create.

Others expressed concerns of potential negative impacts to the city.

Among the alderpersons concerns were raised that Hard Rock was not named specifically in the intergovernmental agreement.

Andrew Adams, special counsel to the city of Kenosha, says that’s because the agreement is between multiple government entities, one of which Hard Rock is not.

Joe Shaw with the casino project says that their studies show that a casino development would not negatively impact surrounding property values.

The casino reps also disputed the claim that the casino will make criminal incidents increase.

The Intergovernmental Agreement now goes before the Kenosha County Board on January 16th for approval.

Watch the full meeting here: