KENOSHA WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Common Council approved recommendations for business operations during the pandemic last night. The final ordinance was a far cry from the original one proposed by 2nd District Alderperson Bill Seil. The latest version was a compromise between Seil and 17th District Alderperson David Bogdala.

It limits the number of people on a business’ premises to no more than what is strictly necessary to perform the business operation. It also calls for social distancing of six feet, an increase of facility cleaning and disinfection, and the posting of signage promoting safe Covid practices. It also says that masks must be worn when in a public building in the city with exemptions for health and when not practical for work purposes.

16th District Alderperson Dominic Ruffolo-whose district borders Pleasant Prairie and other areas of the county, voted against the measure saying that the ordinance leaves businesses he represents at a disadvantage.

The ordinance authorizes the Health Department to enforce the rules while Kenosha Police can respond to complaints against a business’ license. A 250-dollar fine can be levied for violators. The measure passed on a 14-2 vote.