Kenosha Common Council Approves Marijuana Referendum

The Kenosha Common Council approved a referendum for November’s ballot which gauges the public’s opinion on marijuana legalization.

But that overwhelming approval didn’t come before the issue sparked a lengthy debate.

The referendum’s main sponsor, 10th District Alderman Anthony Kennedy, told WLIP that he proposed the measure given legalization is the subject of multiple bills under consideration in Madison.

Not all of Kennedy’s colleagues supported his proposal. One such is 16th District Alderman Dominic Ruffolo who told WLIP News he was a “hard no”.

Ruffolo also claimed the measure was a ploy to get more Democratic voters to the polls.

In the end, only two other alderpersons sided with Ruffolo-Alderpersons Holly Kangas and Ruth Dyson.

They cited concerns over drug use and the smell associated with smoking marijuana.