Kenosha Common Council Approves Mask Requirement For Meetings

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha City Council is poised to convene in person for the first time in several months.

After going to a virtual meeting model when the pandemic began, the council debated and passed a measure this week on a 14-2 vote to require alderpersons to wear masks in the council chamber.

That move will allow the council to meet in person. The ordinance was proposed by 3rd district alderman Jan Michalski who says the meetings should be in person and available for public attendance.

Alderman Michalski’s original proposal would have required masks until March 1st. However, that was changed to 90 days after vigorous opposition from at least two or three of the alderpersons. 5th District Alderman Rocco Lamacchia proposed the change to the sunset date.

The amendment passed on a 10-6 vote. The council also voted to require masks on all of the city’s public transit.