Kenosha Common Council Approves Red Zone Purchase

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Common Council has approved the purchase of a troubled bar in the city. The council approved the buy of Red Zone Bar on Sheridan Road after a lengthy discussion. At one point the deal looked headed for deferral.

5th District Alderperson Rocco Lamacchia called for the deferral because it did not ban the bar’s owner from opening another bar in the future.



However the deferral was voted down after Lamacchia withdrew his support.

4th District Alderperson Holly Kangas opposed the purchase.


The sale is for $380,000.

The agreement (L.5.OTP_4814_Sheridan_Rd_050321)lists the sale of the land and building at 220-thousand dollars combined while an additional 160-thousand dollars is listed as for “Goodwill, Release of Liability, etc.”

The agreement also requires the city and seller to not engage in any pattern of conduct that involves derogatory rumors, allegations, negative reports or comments against the other party.