Kenosha Common Council Preview-Red Zone-Silly String

The Kenosha Common Council will again consider the fate of a troubled tavern in the city.

Red Zone on Sheridan Road has been the site of numerous alleged incidents and their cabaret license has been pulled by the council-something that the bar’s owner has alleged is racially motivated.

The council will consider declaring the building as blighted and purchasing it for 380-thousand dollars.

Reports say that any such deal would have to include a promise by the current owner not to sue the city for the license being pulled. The owner has promised efforts over the years to keep the bar safe and the area monitored. 

The council is also apparently set to repeal a policy that banned candy and other items from being thrown during parades.

The policy-widely panned as government overreach when passed a decade ago-became known as the “silly string” ordinance.

The amended ordinance would keep the ban in place except for approved applicants who participate in the Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade.

The measure is up for first reading tonight which means it will need council approval to move forward. 

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