The Kenosha Common Council could once again take up the city’s mask mandate-even though by the time they do so it will have almost expired. The council voted last month to extend the pandemic precaution until May 27th-just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Now 5th District Alderman Rocco Lamacchia-who also chairs the Public Safety and Welfare Committee-wants to end the mandate slightly earlier. Lamacchia told WLIP’s Lenny Palmer that his committee will take up the measure on Monday-but any repeal would still be a month away.

Lamacchia cited a recent Wisconsin State Supreme Court decision which overturned Governor Tony Evers Emergency Health Declaration which also had a mask mandate for support in repealing the mandate early. That ruling did not affect any local mandates that are already in place.

It’s not clear if there are enough votes to pass the repeal measure.