Kenosha County Releases Covid Guidelines For Returning Events

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha County has released new guidelines for indoor and outdoor events returning after a year off during the pandemic.

They categorize events into three risk-level categories — High, Medium and Lower-based on factors such as the number of attendees, site capacity, indoors versus outdoors, and more.

Category 1 or High Risk events are those that involve more than 10-thousand people on site per day while Category 2 events involve indoor events with more than 500 people or outdoor events with more than 15-hundred people per day.

Organizers of those events will have to submit a Covid safe plan with Kenosha Public Health subject to review and approval. Category 3 events are those indoor events with less than 500 and outdoor events with less than 15-hundred people per day.

They will not have to submit a plan to Public Health but they will get a safety checklist that event organizers can consult, with health staff available to help.