Kenosha County to administer safe, fair and accurate election

KENOSHA — County leaders and elections officials are administering a safe, fair and accurate election, Kenosha County Clerk Regi Bachochin assured voters on the eve of Tuesday’s election.

In an unprecedented election year, local elections officials would like all voters to know that though a final count may take longer than previous election years, all votes will be counted, Bachochin said.

“As of Nov. 1, 56,442 absentee ballots have been returned in Kenosha County,” Bachochin said. “That number will continue to increase through Election Day.”

With a substantial increase in early voting and voting by mail this year Bachochin asks voters and the media to be patient regarding the timeline of announcing election results.

The statutory parameters for election night and results reporting remain the same as normal and do not provide exceptions to account for the increase in the absentee ballots, Bachochin noted.

Statutory requirements on the processing of absentee ballots do not permit clerks to begin tallying ballots before Election Day. Bachochin advised that delayed results will not indicate a problem or compromise accuracy.

Preserving the integrity and security of elections is a top priority for county officials, and Kenosha County is complying with local, state and federal election guidance, laws and regulations, Bachochin said.

Kenosha County municipal clerks have trained their poll workers at 27 polling locations throughout the county to ensure they are well-equipped to assist voters and protect against fraud and potential security threats, the county clerk added.

“Kenosha County and its municipalities work tirelessly to ensure the security and integrity of the election process,” Bachochin said. “Counties defend against cyber-attacks and traditional security threats. After the election, counties secure vote tallies, audit the election and safeguard voter information.”