Kenosha Covid-19 Numbers Up; Hospitalizations Remain Relatively Low

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha’s Covid-19 numbers are inching upwards with the New York Times reporting that Kenosha added 70 new positive cases yesterday.

The area’s 7 day average is up to 58. Kenosha added no new deaths, although Wisconsin lost 13 people to complications of the virus Thursday.

The vast majority of deaths in the area in the past 12 days are in Racine County.

Covid-19 hospitalizations in Kenosha are low-with both of Kenosha’s main hospitals averaging in the high single digits percentage-wise when it comes to patients with Covid-19. Froedtert South’s numbers show 23 percent of their ICU beds currently in use are occupied with Covid-19 patients but only 20 percent of the beds are being used overall as of yesterday.

There are 11 people being hospitalized with Covid-19 in Kenosha County as of this morning.

Coronavirus cases in Lake County dropped on Thursday, as the delta variant roller coaster continues. Illinois Health officials said 165 new cases were reported, along with 2 fatalities, the 2nd straight day with that number.

Statewide, new Covid-19-related hospital admissions fell, and have fallen or been flat for 4 straight days. In the Lake and McHenry County area known as Region 9…admissions went up by 2 to 134, the most since early February.