Kenosha Covid Update-Wednesday 8/12/2020

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha added eleven cases of Covid-19 Tuesday for a new total of two thousand six hundred ninety-four. No new deaths were reported so the total stays at 60.

By and large the majority of cases are in the city of Kenosha which has topped 2-thousand cases. People in their 20’s make up the majority of positive cases with six hundred forty-seven.

Conversely people under 10 and over 80 make up the least amount of cases. On the other hand, 24 of the county’s 60 deaths were people in the eighty plus age range. Statewide, Wisconsin reported seven hundred twenty four new positives, after 5-hundred seven came in on Monday.

There are more than 93-hundred active cases and the recovery rate is at eighty-three point three percent. More than 1-thousand people have died of the coronavirus in Wisconsin since the pandemic began six months ago.