KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Another night of violence, looting, and destruction in Kenosha in reaction to the shooting of Jacob Blake.

As of early this morning, over one dozen area fire departments were in the city as looters worked their way downtown, and then west on 52nd and 60th streets targeting several buildings for looting and burning.

Among the targets was the Walgreens on 52nd and 39th Avenue, the Target store in Pleasant Prairie, and the Kenosha Menards. The Danish Brotherhood building in the city’s uptown was engulfed in flames as were many more buildings.

Law enforcement was involved in several car pursuits and even had to hold several suspects at gunpoint.

There were also reports that authorities quelled an attempt to set the Simmons Library ablaze and scanner reports also indicated that rioters tried to get into Kenosha hospital.