Kenosha Has Four Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI–Kenosha now has four confirmed cases of Covid-19. That’s according to Dr Jen Freiheit  who told WLIP that of the three new cases the patients apparently caught it while traveling or after coming into contact with someone who was already infected.

However the first case reported earlier this week is the one officials are most interested in. That person did not travel and didn’t have any known contact with someone who has Covid-19. Dr Freiheit told WLIP that means they most likely caught while out and about in the Kenosha area.

Froedtert South opened its first drive-up testing center at its Pleasant Prairie clinic yesterday. You must have an appointment to be tested. If you feel that you have symptoms of the virus, you’re asked to call your healthcare provider.