Kenosha Leaders Call For Unity; Continued Covid Mitigation in Schools

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A coalition of Kenosha groups came together yesterday afternoon to call for continued Covid mitigations in Kenosha Unified Schools despite some parental pushback. The KUSD board approved a plan including a mask mandate before the start of the school year earlier this month.

Since then conservative parents groups have called for a number of pushback measures-including keeping students home during the crucial third Friday count which is used as a base for school funding.

Lisa Guerrero, a Kenosha parent and the leader of Kenosha Parents for Safety and Equity, disagrees. She says that schools need to keep everyone safe. 

Guerrero was joined by speakers from the Kenosha Education Association, several school board members-including President Yolanda Santos-Adams, Rebecca Stevens, Todd Price, and Tony Garcia.

Garcia spoke on behalf of the board members, calling for unity for the sake of the students.

Leaders from eight different local advocacy groups spoke in support of the measures-and against any parental pushback.