KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—We have more details about the shots fired incident that led to a high speed chase involving police early Sunday.

A 32 year old Kenosha man is in jail and facing charges in the incident. Arnold Garcia allegedly pointed a gun at a woman inside a bar near the 14-hundred block of 52nd Street.

He reportedly fired two shots outside of the bar and then led police on a chase north that finally ended when deputies used spike strips to disable Garcia’s truck. He was said to have tried to flee with his truck down to just the rims but got stuck in an area of Sheridan Road in Somers that is under construction.

When he was finally subdued officers said they found a loaded handgun in his pocket and he had a blood alcohol level of point one three. Garcia is charged with recklessly endangering safety among a slew of other charges. He’s being held on 20-thousand dollars bond.