Kenosha Sees Increase in Covid-19 Cases; Hospitalizations Remain Low

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha will continue to see slight increases in Covid-19 moving forward, but officials are working to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t get out of hand.

The county reported 16 new cases Wednesday-a total that is on the higher end of the recent daily totals. Overall there are one thousand four hundred forty one positive cases.

Three new deaths were reported, raising the county’s total to 42. The details of those who died are not usually released due to privacy concerns.

Additionally there are eleven current hospitalizations. On that front, Kenosha County Health Officer, Dr Jen Freiheit says we’ve been lucky.




While demand for testing has generally been lower, the National Guard testing site that was open this week administered well over five hundred tests each day.