Kenosha Set To Modernize Its Financial & Administrative Systems

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha city administration is embarking on a significant modernization project aimed at updating its outdated financial and administrative systems.

Described as being stuck in the “stone ages,” the current systems are cumbersome and present challenges for both employees and vendors.

Kenosha Mayor David Bogdala told WLIP’s Morning Show that the planned overhaul, referred to as a DRP or Digital Resource Planning system, will integrate various aspects of finance and administration into a more streamlined and user-friendly platform.

While the process is expected to take 18 to 24 months, the benefits are anticipated to include improved ease of use for employees, better access to information for vendors, and increased online functionality.

The mayor also says they’re working on an update to the city’s website.

You can listen to the full interview here: