Kenosha to Consider Changes to Cabaret Licenses

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Common Council may consider a measure that would change how cabaret licenses are managed. The move comes after a series of licenses had to be revoked over the past several months due to unruly behavior and even reports of violence.

In some cases an establishment will bring in musicians or DJs attracting a crowd which then becomes a problem for the police and the surrounding neighbors when the event ends. To mitigate those effects, all live or amplified music events must conclude by midnight under the new plan.

16th District Alderman Dominic Ruffolo told WLIP’s Lip Off that another goal of the changes is to make sure bar owners are fully responsible for the events held in their establishments.



Some of the proposals have proved controversial though with musicians and some bar owners crying foul over the changes. Alderman Anthony Kennedy says that’s understandable.



The measure is up for a first reading Monday night which if approved would send it to the city’s various committees for debate and possible changes.