Kenosha Unveils More Plans For “Innovation Neighborhood”

The city of Kenosha has unveiled more of its plans for the former Chrysler Engine Plant Site. The more than 100 acre expanse west of the city’s Uptown area has been vacant for more than a decade after auto manufacturing there ended.

Last night Kenosha officials held an informational meeting to discuss the plans for an “Innovation Neighborhood” on the site.

Among the facilities planned for the site would be a business incubator, a technical high school and a presence from the area’s institutes of higher learning.

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian told WLIP’s Happenings Q and A that he wants the development-dubbed “The KIN”- to be useful and attractive to the youth in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Antaramian says that he wants the KIN to be active on many levels, and that he hopes for more tangible progress at the site in the next year.