KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—After months of waiting we now have a start date for Kenosha’s new trash and recycling collection system.

Kenosha is one of the last communities in Wisconsin to shift from the old system where a sanitation worker physically picks up bags and empties cans, to an automated system that eliminates manual labor through an automated arm attached to a waste truck.

Kenosha Superintendent Of Waste and Recycling Keir Powell told WLIP’s Happenings Q and A that the new waste and recycling bins are being distributed now. 




An early trial roll out of the program will begin for selected residents the week of July 13th and they will be notified by mail.

For everyone else the change comes in August. 


The new carts will eliminate the blue recycling bags and any other current receptacle used for garbage.

The new carts must be used by residents and recyclables have to be kept loose in the carts. More info is on the city’s website