KUSD Board Approves Benefits Deal With New KEA Union President

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Unified School Board approved a measure this week which will allow the new president of the local teacher’s union to work part time as a teacher in the district and still receive benefits.

Katherine Andrysiak-Montemurro assumed the role of President of the Kenosha Education Association last month.

A contract exemption to allow her to receive benefits while only teaching part time was the subject of much debate by the board-especially in light of a recently changed policy that forbids the practice.

The exception is the same as the previous union president and the salary for any work done in that capacity would be paid for by a grant while the district provides the benefits.

The exception passed on a 4-3 vote with Eric Meadows, Kristine Schmaling, and Todd Battle in dissent.

The documents explaining the exemption are part of the board’s agenda found here

Watch the full debate: