KUSD Enrollment Decreases; But Not As Much As Expected

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Kenosha Unified School District Third Friday count shows an enrollment of 19,187 students, a decrease of 433 students when compared to last year’s count of 19,620.

But that’s actually better than expected.

Initially, KUSD was projecting a decrease of 552 students.

The large decrease was expected based on multiple factors, but mainly the decreasing birth rate.

Since 2009, the greater KUSD boundary area has experienced a decreased birth rate, now averaging approximately 500 less children born each year compared to a high of 1,953 births in 2008.

The largest grade level decreases occurred at the second (-125) and seventh (-139) grades.

The seventh grade decrease is due to the 2008-09 recession and severe one-year drop in subsequent births.