KUSD Receives Complaints Over Religious Displays

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking Kenosha Unified to remove religious displays that have reportedly been set up in classrooms. They also object to students visiting a Christian Camp on school trips. The Kenosha News reports that the organization objected to a display that was reported at Roosevelt Elementary school which contained bible verses, Christian song lyrics, and other biblical references. The display has since been removed after parents complained to the district. In a separate incident, the group objected to a teaching a biblical story as literal history instead of as an analogy. A third complaint involved a display of Noah’s Ark. The group also objects to field trips to Timber-Lee Christian Center, which promotes creationism. The FFRF says they do not object to Christianity being taught as a world religion, but do object to it being used in a devotional context. They are asking the district to take corrective action. The district says they are working to investigate the claims.



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