KUSD Releases Students’ Names & Addresses After Citizen Request

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–An activist citizens’ group could be trying to bring their fight against books with sexual content in KUSD’s libraries directly to parents’ mailboxes.

An individual-identified by the district as Kevin Hutchinson-reportedly made a student directory request last week.

As a result the district was bound by law to release the students’ names and addresses.

The student directory is subject to open records requests but parents are able to opt out when they register their students before the start of the school year.

KUSD officials say that records requests are not rare but the “grandiose” size of this request by one individual made it unique.

In an email to parents informing them of this request the district warned that information related to it is not from the district.

KUSD clarified that the reason for the request was not disclosed.

Hutchinson has spoken out at previous school board meetings however against books with sexual content in school libraries.

The non-partisan group Mass Resistance-which is based outside of Wisconsin but has Kenosha chapter-has been leading the charge against books which they say amounts to pornography.

They deny asking for students names but instead asked for names and address of parents.

This story as been updated to identify Mass Resistance as a non-partisan group with a Kenosha chapter and adds the clarification that the request was for parents and not students names.