KUSD Residents Ask For Books They Deem Inappropriate Pulled From Library Shelves

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Some Kenosha Unified residents are calling for books they deem pornographic to be pulled from school library shelves.

The sex-ed books are at the center of a brewing controversy stirred by a local group on-line and at this week’s KUSD Board Meeting.

In a packed room, multiple speakers quoted from the books in an effort to alert the public to their contents.

Others asked the board to be more transparent over what reading materials are available to students.

Still more opposed banning any books at all despite their alleged content.

The meeting hit its maximum time for public comments and two efforts to extend it failed.

The board cannot comment or take action on an item unless it’s on the meeting’s agenda.

However multiple titles were reportedly removed from some elementary school libraries earlier this month following a similar complaint.