KUSD To Correct “Election Issue”

By Pete Serzant, WLIP News

(KENOSHA, WI)–Kenosha Unified has an election issue.

The district says that it improperly noticed last year’s school board election in which the third most vote getter should only have been elected to a one year term.

That’s because the seat was only vacant due to the resignation of Board Member Dan Wade.

Wade was replaced by Atifa Robinson who lost in April 2022.

Eric Meadows received the third most votes-therefore filling Wade’s seat.

That seat should have been up for election this spring.

However due to the late discovery of the problem there is not enough time to hold an election for that board seat.

To solve this issue the board will declare the seat vacant when its new term begins in April.

An applicant will be appointed to fill the seat and then an election to a two year term will be held along with three other seats up in regular rotation in April 2024.