KENOSHA, WI—Kenosha Unified plans to offer free or reduced price meals for both breakfast and lunch during some of the summer months.

The district will offer meals to those 18 and under between June 24th and July 26th at numerous locations across KUSD. Mentally or physically disabled persons over 18 may also qualify for the meals if they participate in a school program during the instructional year.

KUSD Chief Communications Officer, Tanya Ruder, says that the meals program fills a void when school lunches are not available. 

The following locations will be serving the free meals this summer:

Location                                  Dates*                         Breakfast                    Lunch
Brass Elementary                     6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Bullen Middle                          6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     n/a
EBSOLA Elementary               6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Jefferson Elementary               6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
McKinley Elementary              6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Lincoln Middle                          6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Southport Elementary              6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Strange Elementary                 6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30
Washington Middle                  6/24-7/26                     7:30-8:05                     11:45-12:30

*Please note that no meals will be served on July 4th.
Meals are provided to eligible children regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender or disability and there will be no discrimination in the course of meal service.