(Chicago, IL) Coronavirus cases in Illinois increased on Sunday, but a post peak low in deaths was also set. The state announced 1,541 new cases of the disease as testing once again crossed the 40-thousand mark. Health officials announced just one fatality, it was in downstate Bond County (near St. Louis). Overall hospitalizations have fallen for the 3rd straight day, while ICU use by Covid patients has gone up for the 3rd straight day. The heaviest concentration of ICU use continues to stay south of Lake County, with the regions over 60% being the West and Southwest Suburban Regions, as well as the Champaign Region. The rolling 7-day positive infection percentage has bumped up to 3.7%, though the overall positive infection rate has fallen to 6.8%.

While Illinois saw a rise in Coronavirus cases on Sunday, Lake County saw the opposite. Health officials say 82 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in the area, with no new fatalities. The number of cases fell by 24 from Saturday’s numbers, and the daily rate fell from 5.6% to 3.6%. The overall county positive infection rate stands at 8.8% after starting July near 11.5%. Total, Lake County has seen 11,448 confirmed cases with 439 deaths.

Nursing home death percentages have increased in Lake County after falling a bit last week. Statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health show that long term care facilities currently make up 15.6% of all Lake County Covid-19 cases, which is similar to last week. But those same facilities make up over 68% of the county’s fatalities, an increase of nearly 3% over last week. Statewide, 14.3% of all Coronavirus cases come from nursing homes, while making up 55% of cases. Those numbers are similar to the previous week.