Latest: 13 New Cases Reported Tuesday; Wisconsin Nears Reopening Criteria

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha County reported an increase of 13 positive COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, for a total of 724. Positive cases are up 27 percent from last week as testing availability expands. There have been 3-thousand five hundred thirty five negative tests. No new fatalities related to the virus were reported so the county’s total stands at 16.

Wisconsin has 10-thousand six hundred eleven cases and 418 deaths. The state hospitalization rate is 18%.

The state is moving closer to the gating criteria laid out in Wisconsin’s “Badger Bounceback” plan. Wisconsin reports a downward trend in Covid-like cases, and positive tests in the past 14 days. Hospital criteria is also trending well and positive cases among healthcare workers are down. The state has still not reported a downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses over the last two weeks.