Listen: KUSD Achievements and Challenges w/Superintendent Dr. Jeffery Weiss on WLIP’s HQA

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha Unified continues to make plans as a wave of lower enrollments sweeps through the school district.

But shouldn’t all of the new developments of homes, condos, and apartments mean that more potential students will be on their way?

Kenosha Unified Superintendent Dr. Jeffery Weiss says that is not necessarily the case.

Davis Democraphics- a vendor the district is working with to help facilitate a plan.

Representatives from the company have been meeting with local officials for several weeks.

Lower enrollment leads to few state funds and the need for the district to close underutilized buildings.

Listen as Frank and Kim Carmichael discuss these challenges and more with Dr. Weiss