12:14 PM Air Force One lands in Waukegan

12:25-POTUS leaves plans with Sen. Ron John Johnson and Rep. Bryan Steil, and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus were on the flight.

12:29: Presidential Motorcade heads north on Lewis Ave toward Wisconsin.

12:45: Motorcade enters Wisconsin; road lined with people-mostly Trump supporters with few protestors. Crowds are peaceful.

12:50 Motorcade heads east to Sheridan Road toward downtown.

1 PM Motorcade has reached first location-President meeting with owners of businesses burnt in recent violence. Appears to be meeting with owner of Rode’s Camera Store and B & L Furniture.

1:05 Trump remarks that he will help businesses rebuild and that governors “should call for help sooner”

1:10 Motorcade heads north on 22nd Avenue, presumably toward Bradford

1:15 President arrives at Mary D. Bradford High School

1:25: President greets law enforcement members at Bradford. Remarks by Sheriff David Beth, thanking all those working to keep Kenosha safe.

1:30 President Trump says he will meet with Blake family pastor, but not family members.

1:50 President completes tour of faculty, now begins round table discussion. Remarks carried live on WLIP.