Local News: Police  Investigation Into Death Continues; High Speed Chases Lead to Arrests

By Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha Police are investigating the death of a woman at an assisted living facility.

The 89 year old was found around 7:45 AM outside of Parkside Manor on 67th Street in Kenosha on December 19th.

Police believe the death is due to weather exposure. The death remains under investigation with the potential for charges to be filed with the District Attorney’s office.

The woman’s name has not been released.

A Kenosha man is charged with multiple felonies after a high speed chase earlier this month that ended on an area golf course.

18 year old James Fulkerson is alleged to have led deputies on a chase that exceeded 100 miles per hour at times during the morning hours of December 6th.

Fulkerson was said to lead deputies through the village of Somers-including a walking path on the Petrifying Springs Golf Course.

Authorities used surveillance video to identify the offending vehicle and later found the suspect at a friend’s home-reportedly reeking of marijuana and other intoxicants. Fulkerson made his first court appearance on Wednesday and is out of jail on 20-thousand dollars bond.

Another high speed chase was involved in an incident that led to a Milwaukee woman’s arrest and the discovery of multiple, allegedly stolen, items.

It happened Monday when an officer spotted a vehicle illegally parked in the fire lane in Prime Outlets.

The officer confronted the woman before a store manager alleged that 27 year old Alileshia Hankins took multiple items from their store.

Witnesses and surveillance reportedly confirmed the claim.

When the officer attempted to stop Hankins from leaving she took off in the parking lot before stopping and exiting the vehicle to yell at the officer before again fleeing.

The ensuing chase reached speeds over 100 miles per hour before Hankins crashed her vehicle at the intersection of Highway 50 and 118th Avenue.

Hankins’ vehicle was no longer functional but she was held at gunpoint as she refused to be arrested.

The crash caused a light pole to come down.

No injuries were reported.

Once in custody, police discovered her vehicle was full of merchandise.

She’s being held on a 50-thousand dollars bond.