Man Convicted of Shooting K9 Deputy Sentenced to Decades in Prison

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–The Illinois man who was convicted of shooting a Kenosha County Sheriff’s K9 deputy two years ago was sentenced several decades in prison.

A Kenosha County judge sentenced 35 year old Allan Brown to 57 years in prison.

Brown also faces multiple homicide charges in Cook County.

He was allegedly fleeing after those homicides on October 21st 2021 which he was spotted in Kenosha County.

During a foot pursuit with deputies K9 Riggs caught up with Brown who then shot the officer in the head at close range.

K9 Riggs survived and made a miraculous recovery.

He was later awarded with a Purple Heart and a Silver Star by the department.

Riggs continues active duty as a deputy.

Brown was injured in the scuffle before being arrested.

He is expected to be extradited to face his homicide charges in Illinois.