Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI—Kenosha City Council President and 10th District Alderman Anthony Kennedy is the subject of an Emergency Stalking Order in Lake County.

The order was apparently issued last Thursday the same day as an alleged incident between Kennedy and a man who is being reported as a former employee at the taxi company which the alderman co-owns.

The order is valid until Jan 2nd when there will be a hearing in the case. The petitioner alleges that Kennedy physically attacked him at the company and then held him until authorities arrived.

In a Facebook post Kennedy alleges that he was attacked and the man used racial attacks against him.

No criminal charges have been filed, although they may still be possible. The order also mentions a 13 year old girl.

She was not involved in the confrontation.

Kennedy is not allowed to contact the man or the girl and must stay 500 feet away.

Investigators continue their work on the case.