Mass Resistance Rep Says They Asked For KUSD Parents’ Info Not That of Students

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–A group leading the charge against books they say are pornographic in Kenosha Unified Schools disputes that they requested students’ names from the district.

In a Freedom Of Information Request made to KUSD and provided to WLIP News, Kevin Hutchinson asked “to obtain copies of the names and addresses of the parents of KUSD students.”

Mass Resistance Field Organizer Arthur Schaper also told WLIP in an email that they established a Kenosha chapter after local residents asked for their help.

The national chapter aided local residents in their efforts to remove the books in question from school libraries.

They also say they are non-partisan and have received support from people of all political backgrounds.

Schaper said of the local activists that “they are determined to make sure that the schools are safe from LGBT indoctrination and all the abuses connected with such indoctrination.”