KENOSHA – Ahead of President Trump’s visit to Kenosha on Monday evening, Nov. 2,
Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian has been working closely with the police, fire and public
works departments to ensure safety precautions are in place. Road closures have been
announced and will remain in effect until the president’s departure tonight. The safety of
Kenosha residents, business owners and visitors remains a top priority and he will continue to
share relevant updates as they are available.
Further, Mayor Antaramian encourages both residents and visitors to Kenosha to respect
local, state and federal COVID-19 preventative guidelines.
One of the easiest and most effective ways to participate in government is to vote. Everyone
eligible to do so is encouraged to make their voices heard on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Those who
are not yet registered can do so at their polling place on election day. Kenosha residents who
still have absentee ballots to submit should drop them off in a designated drop box, as it is too
late to return ballots by mail and ensure they will be counted. Safety precautions will be taken
at the polls so that voters can feel secure throughout the entire voting process.
If residents have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to reach out to city leaders
right away.