Men Sentenced After Viral Video Captures Crimes

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–Two men who became infamous after a viral video of them urinating on a woman’s driver’s license will pay a fine and must complete community service.

Bryan Slaven of Milwaukee and Zachary Brugioni of Lake Forest reportedly were unhappy with the woman who had gone to a Kenosha used car dealership where they worked to test drive a vehicle.

The woman handed over her license to them before the test drive.

However the sale fell through with the woman loudly expressing her opinions about the dealership.

When she forgot to retrieve her license before leaving the men took it in the back and videoed themselves urinating on it.

Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against the men if they pay a fine and make restitution to the woman.

The video the men made went viral after being shared on social media.