Mon. Headlines: Election Day; KIN Master Plan; Resolution in Support of Jewish Community

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Tuesday is Election Day in Wisconsin.

Locally, there are several races-including the one for County Executive between Rebecca Matoska-Mentik and Samantha Kerkman.

Six candidates are running for three seats on the Kenosha Unified School Board.

Several of Kenosha’s aldermanic and County Board seats are contested. Polls open tomorrow from 7 AM to 8 PM.

If you have a completed absentee ballot you must return it in person to your clerk’s office as it’s too late to mail it, and it cannot be placed in a drop box.

More ballot and voting information is available here

The Master Plan guiding one of the largest redevelopment projects in Kenosha could receive final approval tonight.

The Kenosha Common Council is set to consider the Master Plan for the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood, which would be built on the former Chrysler Engine Plant Site.

A separate resolution would authorize the City Administrator to apply for federal grant funds to help build a kitchen incubator at the site.

Another resolution submits a WEDC grant application for the Uptown Lofts Project.

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian has proposed a resolution in support of the city’s Jewish Community.

That comes after anti-Semitic flyers continue to be dropped in the city.

The flyers allege a conspiracy in which the Jewish Community is blamed for the origins of the Coronavirus pandemic and the covid-vaccines.

About 50 people rallied in Kenosha on Saturday in support of the Jewish Community.

The anti-Semitic flyers have mostly been found in the Allendale and Sunnyside neighborhoods and are thought to have been dropped in the middle of the night.