National Political Spotlight on Wisconsin with Dem Convention; Presidential Visit

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Democrats have marked the start of the Democratic National Convention by blaming President Donald Trump for botching the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats said during an online welcome event Monday that Trump’s handling of the pandemic forced them to cancel the in-person gathering that would have brought about 50,000 people to Milwaukee. However, they tried to put a positive spin on the situation, with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett encouraging those who canceled their travel plans to “come back any time.”

Former first lady Michelle Obama issued a blunt and emotional appeal that capped the first night of the convention Monday.

President Donald Trump is zeroing in on Midwest battleground states with a law and order message to counter former Vice President Joe Biden’s show at the Democratic convention. On Monday, Trump visited Minnesota and then Wisconsin.

The GOP has a week of travel and political events aimed at blunting the customary polling bounce that candidates get during their convention. In Oshkosh the president declared that the coronavirus outbreak makes another victory in Wisconsin more difficult but claims “we handled it.”