New Projection Shows Virus Peak in Kenosha June 3rd

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—The latest projections on the Coronavirus Pandemic in Kenosha shows that we will not hit our peak locally until the beginning of June. According to numbers released by the Kenosha Joint Information Center, Kenosha will peak with a possible 2-thousand-4-hundred and eighty cases by June 3rd.

The projection takes into account the “Safer at Home” order ending earlier that week on May 26th. Kenosha County Division of Health Services Director, Dr Jen Freiheit  says that new data shows “Safer at Home” is working.

Dr Freiheit says that new data shows that hospitals should be able to handle the expected amount of patients who will need care, and will allow for more informed decisions by local leaders.

Data collection from positive cases finally reached a level last week which allowed for the creation of the projection models. You can see the projections at WLIP dot com. Kenosha had well over 3-hundred positive COVID-19 cases as of Sunday afternoon, and seven reported deaths.