Official Sounds Alarm After Multiple Overdose Deaths in Recent Days

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–Kenosha County officials are again sounding the alarm ( 4-25-22 overdose deaths ) over recent overdose deaths.

The Kenosha County Medical Examiner’s office has responded to three suspected overdose deaths in the past four days.

The drugs that caused the overdoses may have been laced with fentanyl as well as with other deadly substances.

The cases date back to Friday with two in the city of Kenosha and one in Pleasant Prairie.

State law now allows fentanyl testing strips and while officials strongly urge people not to use illegal drugs they are urging users to obtain the strips to test for the deadly additive.

Kenosha County reported 53 toxicity deaths last year, 40 involving fentanyl or a similar substance.