Pandemic Update: Kenosha Sees Smaller Uptick in Cases Thursday

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha County’s COVID-19 infection rate increased Thursday but by only a fraction of Wednesday’s increase. After the largest one day increase of 55 between Tuesday and Wednesday, Kenosha County saw an uptick of eight positive cases and no new reported deaths.

The death total in Kenosha is 21 or about 2 percent of the total positives, which has remained steady. The recovery rate past 30 days is 51 percent of the cases, and 47 percent of the county’s positives have been detected in the past month.

There have been more than 51-hundred negative tests. Wisconsin has 13-thousand confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 487 deaths. The state’s hospitalization rate continues to be 16 percent.

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