KENOSHA, WI–A party at a closed bar that included around 300 people early Saturday left a 17 year old injured. Police were called to the former Finney’s Sports Bar at 22nd Avenue and 60th Street on reports of loud music. Police reports say that officers uncovered a large-and unauthorized-event going on.

Several fights were happening in the basement of the building and shots were reportedly fired outside. As police broke up the fights, pepper spray was deployed which caused at least one of the officers to become ill. A 17 year old girl was taken to the hospital for injuries after she collapsed, an arrest was made and citations handed out. No license was on record for the event.

21 year old Haley Ann Meeker, 19 year old D’Avian Cole, and 38 year old Cortney Marshall were cited for not having a public entertainment license. There was evidence of alcohol consumption. Bullet casings were also found near the scene as the fights spread outside into the neighborhood as the crowd dispersed.